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Re: thoughts on architectures

On Mon, Feb 11, 2002 at 01:25:51AM -0500, utsl@quic.net wrote:
> 	4. Drop keeping metadata in package filenames. Make them just a unique
> 	   string, assigned when the package is installed into the archive.
> 	   That gets rid of the need to add something to the filename to
> 	   distinguish i386 from sparc packages. Just use the Packages files,
> 	   and the control fields from the packages themselves. I'd be in
> 	   favour of going further: use one Packages file, and determine
> 	   available packages based on the tags your kernel and libc support.

Which would lead to the problem, that in the pool/ there would be stuff



Essentially rendering manual download impossible.

This is a question to Marcus Brinkmann: 

	How can one distinguish 
	package_1.0-1.deb (i686,glibc,mmx) and
	package_1.0-1.deb (sparc,netbsd4)

	in the pool (i.e. filesystem)?

I know, in your doc, you don't explicitly specify an 'encoding' for this
dependency information, but people (as simpleminded as I am) would think
about some extra entry in the Depends: field, which wouldn't help much
with filesystemlayout in the mirrors as Philip Charles mentioned in
regard to partial mirrors and things as pointet out above.

Regards, David
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