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re: Status of various major things

   BTW, binutils for netbsd-i386 *does* appear to work sanely, and is now in
   the upstream. At least, it both compiled and run-time linked all the C++
   code I could easily put my hands on to test (I used groff, which broke in
   upgrading to GCC 2.95.4 local compile due to libstdc++ stuff; it's visibly
   linked to the library, as well, so it SHOULD break in one way or another if
   anything is seriously wrong... also used a local software project that's
   very heavily C++ oriented)

i got the i386-netbsdelf patches into binutils a while back, yeah.
i think they appeared on some later 2.11 branch.  binutils 2.12 has
(will have) support for pretty much all netbsd ELF platforms..

one thing to watch out for with libstdc++ vs netbsd vs gcc is that
our (netbsd) libstdc++ major version number is different to the one
that it's distributed with GCC as.. this isn't easy to fix so one
must be sure to be using the right version.

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