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re: Status of various major things

   I'd believe it. Another reason to use 3.0 as the default, if I can make it
   work. Sadly, NetBSD still uses egcs 2.91 as it's default compiler, so I have
   no idea if we might need 2.95 as a kernel compiler. Hopefully we can get
   the kernel patched to be clean for 3.0, if it's not. I guess we'll see.

"it should work."  while the in-tree compiler for 1.5 is egcs 1.1.2+patches,
-current has had 2.95 for a while now.  also myself and others try to build
kernels & the whole tree with gcc-current at times...  we don't tend to have
the same "upgrade gcc, fix kernel" lossage, at least not as badly :-)

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