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On closer investigation, the reason none of the group stuff worked with my
patch to libshadow was that groupio.c uses the same calls as for updating
passwords, with the result that it was attempting to write group files in
the same way as passwd files (whereas /etc/group is the same format on
NetBSD as elsewhere). For the moment I've worked around this by shifting
all my changes to a different commonio.c (commoniobsd.c) and adding
unmodified versions of the three modified functions with different names
then hacked groupio.c to use those. No hint is passed regarding whether
the file is a password or a group file, so can anyone suggest a better
mechanism or should I just stick with this for now? (with this fix, the
login and passwd packages seem to basically work so can probably be taken
off the TODO list. We still lose the ability to alter the NetBSD specific
stuff, but that can probably be added in later)

Matthew Garrett | mjg59@srcf.ucam.org

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