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Revised TODO

This is what we have on the website:

any of the libs in /lib or /usr/lib that aren't currently packaged need to

(still needs doing)

base-passwd is desperately unhappy

(seems happy now)

equivilents of console-tools/data need to be produced

(still needs doing)

netbase needs to be rebuilt. This is probably one of the more
awkward ones - we have source for the BSD versions of ifconfig et al, but
the semantics are somewhat different. If we stick with BSD semantics, we
have to deal with any scripts that assume Linux-style semantics. Does HURD
follow Linux-style semantics, and if not how have they dealt with this?

(still needs doing)

procps (probably best to just provide the BSD versions)

(still needs doing)

shadow (sort of working, but NetBSD has interesting binary files for
dealing with passwords. As a result, stuff like passwd and adduser are not
currently as useful as they could be. Somebody needs to look into this)

(other than group stuff, seems to be working)


(still needs doing)

sysvinit (BSD init doesn't support runlevels. We can hack it to work
like Debian with a single runlevel without too much trouble)

(still needs doing)

Anything else need adding/updating?

Matthew Garrett | mjg59@srcf.ucam.org

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