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Re: Able to put website on debian.org

* Pavel Cholakov <pavel@tsi.co.za> [2002-01-30T12:13+0200]:
> It certainly looks very in-line with the rest of debian.org, very nice.
> Could we maybe have a central Debian BSD page, which explains the idea
> behind it, plus pages with the work/status of the various specific ports
> - {Net,Open,Free}BSD.

hmm, such a page will likely be very contentless IMHO and therefore
I'd vote against it.  The status of each port will be on the specific
*BSD pages (e.g. /ports/netbsd/) anyway, since
	1) it's easier to maintain by different groups/people
	2) it's sufficiently complex and differs from the other ports
	3) different "subports" (i.e. i386 vs. alpha vs. *) have different
	   stati and that would make it hard to say something without going
	   into detail or generalizing too much.
        4) AFAICT, at least OpenBSD has quite a different goal from
	   {free,Net}BSD (keeping as much from the OpenBSD userland as

I think we should put the various projects on the ports/ page under a
"Debian/*BSD" section, and link to the specific ports/{free,net,open}bsd/
pages from there.

My 2 cents...

p.s.: i think jimmy's first shot is a good startign point for the
      NetBSD project.
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