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bootstrapping binutils/gcc

Hi there!

In my quest to bootstrap a Debian NetBSD/Alpha system, I'm trying to
compile the Debian binutils/gcc packages on NetBSD/Alpha.

Basically I started with a chroot of the netbsd system, and then
produced the basic packages so that i now can do
	# dpkg-source -x foo.dsc
	# cd foo-<version>
	# dpkg-buildpackage -sa -us -uc
	# debi	

to build and install package 'foo' (works most of the time with little
to no fiddling now).  I have ~30 binary packages so far.

However, I'm still building with the NetBSD gcc/binutils/libc, and I
figured that now would be a good time to switch to a Debian "native"
compiler. =)

To accomplish this, I have binutils configured with
	--target=alpha-netbsd --prefix=/some/path

and compiled with the netbsd-gcc (egcs-1.1.2), which succeeded so far.

Now, if I compile a simple C program with
	# netbsd-gcc -c foo.c
and then link it statically with the _new_ binutils and the _original_
netbsd libc, libgcc and crt*.o stuff, it works out.

However, if I try to link it dynamically using the original netbsd
stuff (in particular ld.elf_so), it segfaults and running it in the
debugger gets gdb severely confused.  So I guess I'm doing something
really wrong here.

I'm about to compile a bootstrap gcc (same configure options as
binutils plus --with-gnu-* options) that'll use my new binutils, and
then have a try at libc with it (in order to produce a new set of
crt*.o), but this is more or less fishing in muddy water.

Can anybody shed some light on how the i386 gcc/binutils packages were

BTW: is the netbsd libc already packaged as deb source? how about the
     netbsd utils., include files etc.?
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