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Re: How to check for a GNU userland

Agreed. It probably was for System V, which different vendors customized.
Hardware vendors don't customize Linux, distributors do.

However, that raises an interesting question: should uname be changed? 

On Sat, Jan 26, 2002 at 05:30:29PM -0800, Michael Goetze wrote:
> > config.guess returns CPU-Vendor-OS, not CPU-VENDOR-Kernel.
> I've never quite understood what the "vendor" is supposed to mean, exactly. I
> mean, in the case of, say, a SparcStation running Solaris, it's pretty obvious
> who the vendor is:
> sparc-sun-solaris, mips-sgi-irix, alpha-dec-tru64
> However, in the case of PCs, the software and hardware are usually from
> different sources. Now, which of these looks more useful to you?
> i386-compaq-linux, i386-dell-netbsd, i386-gateway-hurd
> i386-debian-linux, i386-debian-netbsd, i386-debian-hurd
> Yeah, that's what I thought.
> Either way, the "unknown" has to go, IMHO.
> - Michael
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