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Re: How to check for a GNU userland

Jimmy Kaplowitz writes:

> Hi autoconf people. I am one of the people working on the Debian
> GNU/NetBSD[1] project, which is exactly what it sounds: a project to
> port Debian to NetBSD, using the GNU userland tools. I am preparing a
> patch to config.guess to submit to you so that Debian GNU/NetBSD will be
> recognized, but there is a problem. The uname command will not in any
> way reflect GNU or Debian, since we will be using NetBSD's kernel. So,
> what is the best way to check for the GNU userland tools?

You don't.  The config.guess command reports information about the
hardware and the kernel, so i386-uknown-netbsd is correct and all you
need.  You don't use config.guess to determine anything about userland

Peter Eisentraut   peter_e@gmx.net

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