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re: Berkeley/Sleepycat DB

   In the current chroot, /usr/include/db.h and /usr/include/db2/db.h
   seem to be from the netbsd db1. /usr/lib/libdb2.* seem to be the
   libraries from the debian db2 package. /usr/lib/libdb.* are symlinks
   to the db2 libraries. This is helping to cause the apt build to fail.
   It is also probably wrong, at least in the long term.
   Anyone have detail about why things are set up this way? I'm going to
   start looking into getting db1 (netbsd's or debian's) built and
   packaged. Let me know if this is the wrong thing.

netbsd libc includes (a very very bugfixed) db1.  that's what <db.h>
is for.  dunno what the <db2/db.h> is from though.


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