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Re: "Why Debian NetBSD"

>>>>> "Jeremy" == Jeremy C Reed <reed@wcug.wwu.edu> writes:

    Jeremy> It all depends on your (or RMS's) personal definition of
    Jeremy> "freedom".  Definitely BSD websites promote free software
    Jeremy> -- in fact, they encourage the use of their code in
    Jeremy> proprietary, closed-source applications and devices. (When
    Jeremy> your force freedom on someone are they free?.)

Fortunately we are Debian and we have a definition of free that those
of us who are part of the project accepted when we joined.  Under this
definition both the GPL and the BSD license are free.  Can we head off
the flamewar about whether GPL is free, because in the Debian context
it is defined (by name) to be free.  Also, Debian does not define a
comparison operator on freedom; asking what license is more free than
another is not worth the bandwith it takes provided they are both

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