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Re: Package archive?

The packages I'm building are probably a bit worse than "aren't totally coherent." Quite a few compiled fine, but there are some where I had to make changes to run on FreeBSD, and a few where I had to disable things like documentation, just because I didn't have SGML tools or TeX available yet.

I'm envisioning at least four stages:
1. Brute force hacks to get a workable chroot.
2. Cleanup, rebuild _everything_ as packages from inside the chroot, and try to get develop minimal patches to the packages that really need them. Rebuild without disabling documentation. Start sending patches to maintainers. Hopefully a working apt package in this stage. 3. Bootable system. This will involve making a kernel package, and fixing init. 4. Auto-builder. At this stage, we should have a running system where we can install an auto-builder, and find out how many packages won't compile... I'm holding back setting up a package archive until I get into stage two. The reason is that a lot of these packages are kind of broken. At this point, ncurses isn't building correctly, so I don't have terminfo working inside the chroot. I hope to be uploading rebuilt, and less damaged packages to sourceforge in a few days. If anyone wants it, I'll upload another snapshot of my chroot. ---Nathan Joel Baker writes:
Folks are building packages at this point, even if they're still in a state
where things aren't totally coherent. As was noted before, I can provide
access to a normal Debian system for things like web service or (more to
the point of this message), a package archive with the normal scripts (at
least, those that are readily available).
At what point is it worth it to set up an APT-able archive for this
project? If not yet, fine; if now, well, perhaps we can do something
about it.
(As a side note: I'm still available to do porting work, if someone can
get me access to a machine to work on; I'm lacking only hardware to run
NetBSD on to do the work, really)
Joel Baker                           System Administrator - lightbearer.com
lucifer@lightbearer.com http://www.lightbearer.com/~lucifer

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