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Re: Problems with init

On Thu, Jul 26, 2001 at 06:54:40PM -0400, Perry E. Metzger wrote:
> I actually do think its that much better. However, it is pretty
> trivial to simulate System V stuff with a shell script that calls the
> various rc?.d scripts. What isn't trivial to simulate for real is
> actual run levels, but the scripts are trivial.
> This may, of course, simply be a place where NetBSD and Debian should
> agree to disagree.
> Though I doubt we'd be able to convince core Debian to pick up our
> init and rc system, I'd recommend having a look at the way that it
> works. We designed it based on having used all the other systems and
> deciding they weren't what we needed. Like the System V rc system,
> there is a separate script for each facility, but unlike System V,
> there is no arbitrary numbering to handle the ordering.
> The Debian policy manual, I'll note, doesn't tell you how to number
> your scripts. You have no way to know, really, what number corresponds
> to "disks mounted" or "named running" or whatever. Is that S28 or S72
> that you want? What happens when new packages get installed? Does it
> change the ordering you want? The way you figure out what a given init
> script should be named is purely by lore and what is in the system
> already.
> In our system, you *do* have a natural way to specify "this program
> should be executed after the network is up but before users can log
> in", or "this daemon depends on named" or what have you, and it is
> easy to read, too. If you want to make sure that sshd can only start
> after the point where user logins are permitted (reasonable, eh?) you
> do
>   # PROVIDE: sshd
> in /etc/rc.d/sshd.
I think we have a teacher here.  Perry sounds like he might out-Debian us 
with good sensible stuff.  No judgement yet, but I will spend some time on 
my netBSD box to see if I can grok what he is talking about.  The dependency 
bit sounds as reasonable as moving from static /dev to devfs.  

Just my $0.02 ...DaveW
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