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re: NetBSD Core liaison

   > Currently open questions include NetBSD's plans regarding gcc-3.
   > In particular, will the kernel be buildable with it soon?  If not, 
   > we may need to keep a kernel-gcc and kernel-ld for building kernels.
   The kernel/gcc issue will probably get resolved soon enough. I wouldn't 
   worry about it now. Debian still has 2.95.4 in woody. After all, Linux has 
   these issues sometimes, too. 

i'm fairly sure that GCC 3 will work given a correct configuration;
gcc-current has been known to work on i386 netbsd with patches for
years.  though right now it's C++ is giving me grief, and thus
preventing me from contributing my latest i386-netbsdelf GCC config
:-(  i seriously doubt that you'll need kernel-ld or kernel-gcc.
   What might be most useful would be to have someone go through all the BSD 
   Makefiles and replace make with $(MAKE). That would let me build the base 
   system within the Debian environment without messing with PATH. I've 
   observed that this needs doing for FreeBSD, but I don't know about NetBSD.
   It's a good thing to do, anyway, regardless of Debian/BSD. 

i believe that most/all of our Makefile's already use ${MAKE} in,
and any such chances will be gladly accepted back -- they are
essential for cross compiling, which we find an extremely useful
concept (think of all the really slow hardware netbsd runs on :).

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