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Re: Debian GNU/OpenBSD slides

On Sat, Jul 07, 2001 at 10:13:26AM +0200, Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> I have given talks about Debain Gnu/OpenBSD on DebCon 1 and
> Linuxtag 2001. Beside getting many more signatures on my debian
> key, I think I was also able to win some peoples sympathy for
> this efford.
> please find the link to the slides and questions and answers
> here: (look for openbsd)
> http://www.niksula.cs.hut.fi/~ateras/travel/debian_conference/
> I also found it very encouraging that the hurd people (really
> both very bright and friendly) are facing similar problems then I
> do (regarding their port) and it looks like we can work together
> on some of the issues.
	The gains by working co-operatively should be|will be a
	major benefit of this project.  I think we'll all see quantum
	jumps once DebianBSD gets off the ground.  There are many
	places where idea-sharing and code-sharing will save years
	of re-inventing the wheel.


	PS:  Has anybody been keeping tabs on which BSD?  


   Gary D. Kline    kline@thought.org  www.thought.org    Public service Unix

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