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Re: fbsd-apt (done in perl)

Dan Papasian wrote:

> Someone has written a pkg_add/ports wrapper
> to emulate apt.  [...]
> Perhaps this will suffice as more proof that ports/packages (aka
> pkgsrc) is closer to deb/dpkg/apt than most people here seem
> to think.

I doubt this will be useful to the debian-bsd project.  The debian-bsd
project will need to port the actual APT and have it work with actual
deb files.  I'd say you're missing the point if it weren't obvious
that you're harping on a different, off-topic point entirely.

I for one am fully aware that the NetBSD package management system has
many of the same features as APT, since I've written my own shell
scripts to simulate APT using pkg_add et al.  

I'm also fully aware that NetBSD is quite modern in its tools and
such.  I administer two NetBSD boxes in addition to several Debian
GNU/Linux boxes.

I'm already well aware of all the points you've tediously mentioned in
all your posts to this list so far.  The fact that I continue to be
interested in seeing a Debian/BSD is not due to ignorance on my part
of NetBSD or its capabilities.

I use NetBSD.  I like NetBSD.  But I'd wipe the two machines it's
installed on here and install Debian in a heartbeat if it were an
option.  Why?  I like Debian more!  This should NOT be taken to mean
I don't like NetBSD at all, I think it sucks, isn't modern, is too
hard to use, or any other of the assumptions you seem to be trying
to attribute to the other readers of this list.

I don't even believe Debian is "better" in any meaningful sense -- it
just happens to be what I prefer.

I like sitting down at a machine each day and typing "dselect" and
getting a nice list of everything that's been newly added or modified
by the people working on sid (unstable).  Even porting dselect to
NetBSD wouldn't give me this.  I'd have the program, but the list I
want wouldn't appear.  I'd get a different list based on some other
community's recent efforts.

No amount of new features to the *BSD package management system is
going to make BSD a living, breathing part of the Debian project.
Nothing short of Debian/BSD is going to add to any of the BSD's the
most important feature of Debian -- the support of the Debian
development community.

You seem to think all we want is a BSD that doesn't suck, so you
continually argue that current BSD doesn't suck.  But you're wasting
your breath.  We already know that!  *BSD doesn't suck!  In fact, it's
quite nice!  We get it!

Now get one thing through your head -- it ain't Debian, and we want
Debian!  We don't care that *BSD doesn't suck!  It's very nice, but it
still ain't Debian!

All I want is Debian that will work on my two boxes that don't work
right with the Linux kernel.  It won't be a major tragedy if I never
get it.  NetBSD is in fact quite nice.  But I'd still rather have

You're right, there isn't a *need* for it.  There isn't a *need* for
*any* Debian at all, for that matter.  We could all run Red Hat,
Slackware, FreeBSD, or Solaris for that matter.  So pointing out that
there's no *need* for it is an utterly spurious argument.  It's not
a question of whether there is a need for it, it's a question of
whether there is a *desire* for it.  And clearly there is.  From just
about everyone posting to this list.

Except you, that is.  Why are you here?  Can't find a better bridge
to hide under?

GT <gt@dreamsmith.org>                       http://www.dreamsmith.org
"We don't receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a
journey that no one else can take for us or spare us." - Marcel Proust

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