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Binutils no longer autobuilding the cross-compiling packages...

Just wanted to announce this...

I'm removing the cross-compiler patches to debian/rules, etc. as
of the upcoming  Until we get a better method for compiling
these, I'd rather not have the packages available.  As it stands, it takes
several hours to build binutils and all of the cross- packages on my fast
Alpha and I don't even want to know how long on m68k (up to a day, IIRC).

Gcc still hasn't found a good way to avoid this kind of multiple package
generation and, until we/they do, I'd rather have binutils agree with that
stance.  If anything, this may help force the issue a bit (fingers

So far, keeping up the cross- packages has been quite a bit of work for me
and I've received very little feedback as to whether or not the packages
are actually useful enough to warrant this.  I have received a number of
bugs against those packages, though, so I'd rather do this right and in
concert with gcc (since you'll need a proper gcc cross-compiler generated
to use them anyway) rather than spend hours trying to keep up packages
that will end up being heavily modified in the future anyway.

If there are any objections, please feel free to email me.  I don't plan
on keeping them buried forever...only until a better way is found to
generate them in a policy-compliant manner and also in manner that
won't impact slower/older architectures like m68k quite as much....


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