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Re: assimilating OpenBSD

On Fri, 9 Feb 2001, Jeff Sheinberg wrote:
> Wartan Hachaturow writes:
>  > When I've been making debhelper port, I've changed calls of "find" and
>  > "xargs" to "gfind" and "gxargs", but we should really think about it.
>     ^^^^^      ^^^^^
> I think you've got it backwards.  This is about `debian-bsd', not
> `bsd-debian'.

So what parts of the BSD be saved? Just the kernel? The (ufs) filesystem?

Then what about utilities that may be specific to the kernel (like sysctl)
or filesystem (like chattr)?

> In general, the GNU tools are upwards compatible with the BSD
> ones.

I do agree that they are very similar, but not always. For example: "ls
-TW" or find's "flags" expression.

> IMO, this is the major job at hand with debian-bsd.  It's not the
> existing debian packages that need to be ported, they should
> essentially work as is.  This is approach that Marcus Brinkmann
> is taking with debian-hurd.

Good point.

  Jeremy C. Reed
     BSD software, documentation, resources, news...

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