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Re: Status

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On Monday 15 January 2001 09:36, Zeno Gantner wrote:
> Alan Harper wrote:
> > Whats the status of all this. Or has the whole idea just dropped dead?
> Just read the mailing list archive. There hasn't been real work done
> yet.
I tried to find the list archive, but couldn't (found the archives for other 
lists tho)

> From time to time there is some discussion on how to do it, but no one
> seems to be really interested in doing anything.
> I'm subscribed to this 'cause the discussion is sometimes interesting
> ;-).
> I do not intend to work on bringing the gnu/linux and bsd world
> together.
> In fact, doing debian-bsd would not bring linux and bsd together but
> debian
> and bsd.
> If you're interested in distribution/os development, look for work in
> the
> rest of the debian project, e.g. debian gnu/hurd, or at some bsd project
> (open, net, free, open packages ...) or spend your time on other
> subjects
> that make sense.
I'm interested in it, because I like using FreeBSD, but miss things like 
apt-get & update-menus
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