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Voting template

At last, I've got some spare time to create some pages devoted to the
Debian/BSD project, and also a voting.
They are not yet availble to the public, but I'll get them online 
in one or two days, if you guys decide that the poll questions is ok.
So, I am wating for any possible add-ons or improvements to the 
poll questions.
Here is the current version:

                           Debian/BSD Project Voting
What kernel should we use for Debian/BSD?

   (_) OpenBSD
   (_) NetBSD
   (_) FreeBSD
What libc should we use?

   (_) BSD
   (_) Port a glibc
What configuring style should we use?

   (_) BSD
   (_) SysV
Should we run native binaries or under linux-compat?

   (_) Native
   (_) Linux-compat

Regards, Wartan.

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