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Why we should use FreeBSD.


In my mind the reason why we should use FreeBSD kernel is that
it is developed for a long time, and has much more things, that
can be helpful for "userland", such as mentioned SMP,
and the most important -- hardware support.
Also, the number of currently existing ports for FreeBSD is the
greatest -- so we would have less troubles compiling packages.
Yeah, I know, that nearly all the ports for FreeBSD can be compiled
on either one OS of the "three", but I try judge the facts.

The issue of platform support is very important, but I think, not
on that stage. Remember, some time ago Debian/Linux didn't have such a
wide platform support.
Let's make the system usable at least on i386 and FreeBSD -- then
we can think about the others :)

Also, what about voting -- I still think it's good idea to make
a poll, and after that start working and give off flaming.
Maybe, we can create a web page with a poll system?
It would be the simpliest way.
Or even ask CmdrTaco to put this poll on Slashdot ;-)

Regards, Wartan.

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