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Re: Debian BSD.. cool idea!

I recall waay back on Feb 12 when Hamish Moffatt wrote:

> OS-Vendor-provided stuff goes in /usr. Anything else installed by
> the admin goes in /usr/local. On FreeBSD, only the base system goes in
> /usr, and all other packages go into /usr/local. To me, that's screwy --
> it makes /usr/local really quite useless.

I think this is just Another One Of Those Differences between Debian
and BSD (or perhaps Linux distros in general and BSD). I think the BSD
equivalent for the Debian /usr/local would probably be /opt, as someone
mentioned offhand earlier.

I still personally think that Debian's way makes for a more integrated
system with less package hassle, but that's just me (and a number of other
people, I gather). Of course that's why I'd like to see a Debian based on
a FreeBSD kernel instead of a FreeBSD distro with dpkg slapped on top. 

Sorry I haven't posted the code for dpkg or apt ported to BSD yet, I
haven't really had the time to clean up lately. Work's been killing me =)

I'm going to live forever, or die trying!
		-- Spider Robinson

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