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Re: ping

Steve Shorter wrote:
> On Mon, 20 Dec 1999, smoerk@gmx.de wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > is the list not working or is there no traffic?
> >
>         Good Question.
>         What is the approach being taken? Porting glibc seems to be the
> best solution. Is someone working on this? Or some other approach or is
> there no longer an interest.
>         I'd like to help if I can. Debian/GNU with a BSD kernel would be
> a cool addition to the dists.
>         -steve
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Wow, I forgot that I was subscribed to this list! I haven't noticed any
traffic for a long time.

Anyway, yes I agree that porting glibc would probably be the best
approach. It seems like porting all the debian packages over to BSD
would be the hard way. Does anyone know what the potential problems are
with porting glibc to FreeBSD? If it were successfully ported, would
this mean that many linux apps could run without emulation? I really no
very little about this...

Since it has been a while since this project was announced, does anyone
know what the current status of it is? 

I am primarily a FreeBSD user but I really like some of the features of
the Debian distribution. I believe that one of FreeBSD's more prominent
problems is the lack of software available for it. It seems like most
apps are very "Linux-centric" and porting can sometimes be tough and
result in lost functionality. I notice this with GNOME for
example...many things just don't work right under FreeBSD.

Having a distribution that could run most all linux and FreeBSD apps,
have many of the features of debian GNU/linux, and the great stability
of the FreeBSD kernel would be great!

Thoughts, comments??
Regards, Devin.

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