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RE: The project

> 	Could it be that a large chunk of the Linux users are not
> 	hackers and wouldn't know C from csh scripts that they are
> 	happy with drop-in binaries?
Yes -- this is very true.  As Linux has matured, we observe a large shift
in the user base.  Linux used to be predominantly a "hacker OS".  Now,
especially in the last year, more and more "user" type folks are using
Linux.  And I believe this is a good thing.

I think BSD could benefit from these types of users as well.  Very often,
the really talented music/art/writing people are not interested in
compiling every package on their system, and just want something that
works (and works well).  So if BSD desires to be targeted at Hackers
only, then perhaps binary package schemes are not useful to you (I mean
you as in "the BSD world")

That's one of the issues we (Debian) had with a potential port.  Some
BSD folks might view it as the first step in the "userfication" of BSD,
and would react negatively.

I see the influx of these alternative types in using our OS's as very
positive because while I may have strengths in technical areas, my
artistic skills are limited.  I am excited to see good icon art, or
beautiful splash screens.  Often created by people who don't know 
(or care) about some of the technical subtleties. 


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