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Re: Offering my assistance for Debian/BSD port (we Re: BSD vs GPL Flamewar (was Re: Debian FreeBSD))

On Tue, Apr 27, 1999 at 03:54:47PM -0500, Steve Price wrote:
> I am very interested in your efforts.  I am a FreeBSD user and
> a Linux user since 0.99.1.  Though I can't speak for anyone else
> in the FreeBSD community except for myself, I can say I've heard
> quite a bit about Debian's package system and I'd like to hear
> more about your Debian/BSD project's goals and possibly lend a hand.
> I am one of the major contributors to FreeBSD's ports collection,
> as well as being a committer, the GNATS administrator, and one
> of FreeBSD's release engineers.  I'm tired of all the mudslinging
> (and no I'm not accusing you of any :) and I'm willing to swallow
> my OS pride to offer my assistance in whatever fashion you feel
> would be beneficial to your efforts.
This is just a start.  Since it looks like there really is going to be an
interest, debian-bsd@lists.debian.org has been created...

The first thing I've been struggling with is deciding just where to draw
the line.  Should we try to use GNU glibc or should we use BSD's libc?  

If we use glibc, are we going to have a problem with running a "commercial" 
or other package that was prepared for *BSD? 

What *is* the compatiblity of the various flavor's of *BSD now?  (Net, Open
and Free... and?)

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