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Bug#1034041: Should firmware-amd-graphics be automatically installed?

Ferenc Wágner <wferi@niif.hu> (2023-05-23):
> Thanks for the pointer.  Are you implying that if some firmware isn't
> loaded during installation, it isn't expected to be present on the
> installed system either?  If so, then it worked for me as intended.
> (Actually, my Ethernet driver also tries to load some Realtek firmware,
> but apparenetly works just fine without it, so I only installed it later
> to reduce warnings from update-initramfs.  The graphics firmware was a
> must for desktop usage, though.)

I'm implying that installation images produced by debian-cd (and available
on cdimage.d.o) should have firmware packages available and ready to deploy,
and should do that automatically; while netboot images (produced by the
debian-installer build system) don't, and won't be able to deploy firmware
packages unless tweaked beforehand via the procedure documented on that

And yes, I'm seeing similar “wanting while not actually needing” things with
some wireless Realtek hardware locally.

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