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Bug#1036523: should not enable non-free-firmware on virtualized systems

Control: retitle -1 should not install CPU microcode on virtualized systems

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (2023-05-22):
> For the record: non-free-firmware can be enabled because (1) the kernel logs
> firmware requests, (2) available hardware matches modalias information, (3)
> CPU matches one with microcode.
> (1) and (2) definitely make sense in a virtualized system as well: you can
> have whatever passthrough configuration to access hardware from the host,
> e.g. some USB Wi-Fi adapter (that's how I've tested many changes before
> switching to baremetal for final tests).
> I'm willing to consider tweaking (3), making it conditional.

Also updating title to match what this bug report is really about.

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