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Bug#1036430: Debian 12 : wrong keyboard mapping for Français (Macintosh)

Bonjour Thomas,

and thanks for your report.

thomas.chandesris@gmail.com <thomas.chandesris@gmail.com> (2023-05-20):
> Image version: debian-bookworm-DI-rc3-amd64-netinst.iso
> Installation was 99% OK but the keyboard Français(Macintosh) was not
> detected during the installation.

Could you please share what the generated configuration looked like?

> So, I changed it after the first reboot but the 'mapping' is wrong :
> 2 keys are switched : @ (cap #) with < (cap >)

Are you saying the layout was problematic during the install, after the
first reboot, and it's now fixed with the reconfiguration? Or are you
saying the layout is still problematic after the reconfiguration?

Also, does the switched keys issue affect X and/or VTs? It's been a while
but I remember at least the XKB apple:badmap option, which could be used
to switch those.

> This problem didn't occure with debian 11.7

Was the 11.7 installation done on the same MacBookAir3,2 hardware? (To
make sure we're not comparing Apples and Oranges).

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