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Bug#1036215: installation-reports: PXE netboot x86_64 libvirt guest on aarch64 host


Emanuele Rocca <ema@debian.org> (2023-05-17):
> This report is about the successful installation of Bookworm on a x86_64 guest
> running on a aarch64 host. The guest was installed with virt-manager using PXE
> boot and UEFI Secure Boot enabled. Everything went smoothly except:
> (A) some troubles with the UEFI PXE boot device to choose

Oh, wow. I'm skipping this as I still have some GRUB/OVMF debugging on
my own to finish. :)

> (B) failure to load the grub splash screen
> (A)
> At VM startup I've entered the UEFI firmware and booted selecting the first
> PXEv4 option, see [0].
> Choosing the first one *seemed* to work fine, but it ended up in a Secure Boot
> error (see [1]). Disabling Secure Boot did not fix the problem, I still got a
> "Invalid Parameter" error. It eventually became clear that I had to boot with
> [2] instead. I'm not really sure what the difference between the two may be,
> and if this is an issue in the Tianocore firmware.
> At any rate, [2] worked fine with and without Secure Boot enabled. I went on
> with a preseeded installation, which finished uneventfully.
> I then noticed the following errors in the libvirtd logs on the host (B):
>  sarzana dnsmasq-tftp[7413]: file /srv/tftp/bookworm/isolinux/splash.png not found for
>  sarzana dnsmasq-tftp[7413]: file /srv/tftp/bookworm/splash.png not found for
> The grub.cfg file under /debian-installer/amd64/grub/grub.cfg has the following
> conditionals:
>  if background_image /isolinux/splash.png; then
> [...]
>  elif background_image /splash.png; then
> The splash screen is loaded correctly replacing either of those with
> /debian-installer/amd64/boot-screens/splash.png instead.

Adding an extra conditional in there really doesn't seem appropriate at
this point. Seeing how images/netboot/ is 745M, and how splash.png is
58K, I think I'd rather have it duplicated in a way that it's found in
/splash.png for both text and gtk installers (/isolinux/splash.png could
would be a weird location given the booting happens via GRUB).

Two words of caution though:

(1) Many archs, many builds for each, make sure not to break any when
    tweaking the code. :) That being said, it should be seen via daily
    builds, and worst case it happens on the buildds after uploading
    debian-installer, and I need to either revert or fix on the spot and
    re-upload an hour later.

(2) We should make sure the possible duplication doesn't interfere with
    debian-installer-<N>-netboot-<ARCH>'s co-installability. It looks
    like each of them uses a separate <ARCH> top-level directory
    anyway, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

        debian-installer-12-netboot-amd64: /usr/lib/debian-installer/images/12/amd64/gtk/pxelinux.0
        debian-installer-12-netboot-amd64: /usr/lib/debian-installer/images/12/amd64/gtk/pxelinux.cfg

        debian-installer-12-netboot-amd64: /usr/lib/debian-installer/images/12/amd64/text/pxelinux.0
        debian-installer-12-netboot-amd64: /usr/lib/debian-installer/images/12/amd64/text/pxelinux.cfg

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