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Debian Installer Bookworm RC 3 release

The Debian Installer team[1] is pleased to announce the third release
candidate of the installer for Debian 12 "Bookworm".

Improvements in this release

 * finish-install:
    - Adjust APT cache cleaning to avoid breaking bash completion
 * grub-installer:
    - Detect EFI boot variables with hexadecimal digits, not only
      decimal digits.
 * hw-detect:
    - Restore support for firmware license prompts (#1033921).
 * linux:
    - Build against updated dwarves, reducing its size and memory
      footprint (#1033301).
 * partman-base:
    - Add support for input submitted using power-of-two units: kiB,
      MiB, GiB, etc. (#913431). Note that sizes are still output using
      power-of-ten units: kB, MB, GB, etc.
    - Add support for bigger prefixes: petabyte (PB), pebibyte (PiB),
      exabyte (EB), and exbibyte (EiB).
    - With many thanks to Vincent Danjean!
 * preseed:
    - Make sure netcfg considers DHCP-provided hostnames, only using
      the hostname parameter on the kernel command line as a fallback

Hardware support changes

 * debian-installer:
    - Ship dedicated DRM modules for bochs and cirrus to avoid broken
      graphics under UEFI/Secure Boot (#1036019).
 * linux:
    - Work around black screen on ppc64el (#1033058).
 * xorg-server:
    - Ship modesetting_drv.so in the udeb again, fixing graphical
      installer support on UTM (#1035014).

Localization status

 * 78 languages are supported in this release.
 * Full translation for 41 of them.

Known bugs in this release

 * There seems to be no known major bug as of yet.

See the errata[2] for details and a full list of known issues.

Feedback for this release

We need your help to find bugs and further improve the installer, so
please try it. Installation images, and everything else you will need
are available at our web site[3].


The Debian Installer team thanks everybody who has contributed to this

 1. https://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Team
 2. https://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/errata
 3. https://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer

Cyril Brulebois (kibi@debian.org)            <https://debamax.com/>
D-I release manager -- Release team member -- Freelance Consultant

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