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Bug#1029962: check-missing-firmware fails to find firmware file or package on partitioned removable media

On 12/05/2023 at 07:07, Cyril Brulebois wrote:

These subcommands are intended to be used by check-missing-firmware
from package hw-media in order to search firmware files or packages
on all available media.

This should be hw-detect, rather than hw-media. :)

Thanks for spotting this.

-		mount --bind /hd-media /media
+		mount --bind /hd-media $MNT

Since new subcommands are supposed to have run and exited before, I
would expect the default operation to require no changes at all, so the
/media → $MNT update seems weird.

As you may have noticed previously, I have a tendency to insert unrelated trivial "cosmetic" fixes in my patches. My purpose here was to consistently make use of $MNT instead of /media like in the rest of the code.

-		if [ "$i" = 1 ]; then
+		if [ "$i" = 1 ]; then

Another cosmetic fix...

  			# Give USB time to settle, make sure all devices are
  			# seen next time though.
  			sleep 5

This part could have been dropped too, even if it's very minor compared
to the question above.

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