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Bug#1029962: check-missing-firmware fails to find firmware file or package on partitioned removable media

Hi Pascal,

Pascal Hambourg <pascal@plouf.fr.eu.org> (2023-04-01):
> Please find attached a patch for mountmedia 0.27 and two patches for
> hw-detect 1.155 implementing a possible solution.

Thanks for your work on this. As for the other bug report, that's been on
my todo list since you submitted those patches, but time is running out
and I'm very much not thrilled with risking anything on the firmware
front, even if the existing situation regarding “loose material” isn't
ideal. I really looked at those patches, but I'm feeling much too nervous
about them, and that's definitely not a feeling I'm going to ignore.

At this stage, I'll err on the side of caution, and keep the “suboptimal”
support for loose firmware files/packages as it is. Some patches touch the
“main code” and that's definitely a red flag, days away from the upcoming
releases (RC 3, RC 4, and 12.0).

As you noted a while back, the search has been problematic for a very long
while, so Bookworm isn't regressing from Bullseye as far as I understand
(even if it did at some point, when I fumbled the condition guarding the
mountmedia calls…). If anything, Bookworm is expected to be *far better*
at firmware support, thanks to official non-free-firmware support, and
thanks to improvements like the “address resolution” for USB/MHI.

I'm open to the following compromise: look into those patches once the
next development cycle opens, test them, get them into some Alpha release,
run as many tests as we like given we'll have plenty of time… And once
we're absolutely convinced they're helping, and not triggering some nasty
regression (breaking support for “official” firmware packages, slowing
down the installation because of inefficient searches, or infinite loops,
or whatever), then only consider backporting them to stable via a point

For the time being, I'm adding a reference to this topic to my list of
things for 12.1 (even if it's likely to be shifted to some later 12.x
point release, since 12.1 is very likely to happen before the D-I Trixie
Alpha 1 release).


I hope this all makes sense and isn't too much of a disappointment.

Cyril Brulebois (kibi@debian.org)            <https://debamax.com/>
D-I release manager -- Release team member -- Freelance Consultant

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