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Bug#1035854: Bookworm netboot image fails in VM

Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> (2023-05-10):
> I usually test the netinst image. I'm surprised that netboot use more
> memory, since it's supposed to fetch only what it really needs. And PXE
> is supposed not to change much since in the end it's supposed to be the
> same vmlinuz/initrd as non-pxe.

Oh right, I meant to include some disclaimer about my not knowing anything
about the inner workings of PXE/TFTP-booting, and my not being able to
judge whether it is possible/plausible this could be a factor here.

Given my todo list until Bookworm, it seems unlikely I'll be able to play
with that in the upcoming weeks. Knowing the installer works when bumping
the VM's memory is kind of reassuring at least: it's not completely broken
when started this way.

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