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Re: Bug#1034650: debian-installer: bookworm d-i rc1: apt-get clean breaks bash-completion

David Kalnischkies:
> The completion script explicitly disables the recreation on-the-fly as
> creating the files takes a while robbing users for many seconds of their
> interactivity. So, we can't just "fix" the completion script as that has
> a(nother?) set of users complain as well.

Deleting /var/cache/apt/*.bin and then running "apt-cache gencaches"
takes 0.22 on my (loaded) system.

I propose regenerate caches in completion scripts only if they are not
present. This will change situation from "not working at all" (in
default d-i install and in official docker image) to "working slowly".
Also, "working slowly" is just minor annoyance. But "not working"
means that the user doesn't know how to fix. Yes, merely calling
"apt-get install apt" will regenerate caches (in d-i case, not in
docker case), but how the user should know this? The solution is not

Askar Safin

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