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Re: Bug#1029843: live-boot: Devices Requiring Firmware: multiple requested files in single line overlapping / special characters

Hi James,

I've just finished a very long debugging session[1], so the following is
really best effort and probably not 100%.

 1. https://lore.kernel.org/all/20230428223500.23337-1-jim2101024@gmail.com/T/#m846b07884ef687d3669654c782aa3b61216f15b7

James Addison <jay@jp-hosting.net> (2023-05-02):
> Could either of you (Cyril, Diederik) recommend where I should ask
> (and/or clone this bug) to follow up on the firmware filename issue,
> given that the filename(s) seem to be generated from the kernel
> module?

It looks to me someone should understand the Linux kernel code, and
possibly where inputs/variables come from (there might be stuff coming
from the DTB, some bootloader thing, etc.), and why spaces show up in
there. Then decide whether the “external” source (if any!) or the kernel
should be adjusted to use more straightforward names.

> Thank you; yep, I've followed _most_ of that (and arrived back here
> again).  I will admit that most of what I've cognitively loaded from
> it is "this script could use refactoring post-bookworm", and have not
> processed the complete details.

Yes; my point was really to say “sorry it's _so_ not perfect yet”, but
seeing this kind of things get uncovered is definitely *not* unexpected…

Let's take a step back and check summarize where we come from, so that
the picture is not only clear in my own head. :)

During the bullseye release cycle, I've tried to deal with GPU problems
by adding modalias support (no specific modules in d-i means no messages
in dmesg, meaning we needed something else), to avoid abysmal experience
once reaching the post-install reboot. (And being able to work on that
only late in the release cycle had some impact on the release date…
which is definitely *not* a feeling I wish anyone else to experience!)

During the bookworm release cycle, getting official support for firmware
packages has been basically a solo effort in each and every component
(even if I got some help from firmware package maintainers and members
of some infrastructure teams, you know who you are <3). While Pascal has
been submitting a bunch of patches for hw-detect already, there are
still some gaps to fill. But again, I'll take *not* supporting _some_
use cases right away over risking losing support for _most_ use cases;
that's a no-brainer, especially just days away from the next RC(s), and
from the actual release.

But enough meta-talk now! :)

Cyril Brulebois (kibi@debian.org)            <https://debamax.com/>
D-I release manager -- Release team member -- Freelance Consultant

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