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Bug#1035096: installation-report Bookworm RC2 GRUB not installed

On 02/05/2023 at 15:21, Peter Ehlert wrote:

DI asks on which drive to install GRUB
User says disk X
DI attempts to install on Drive Y
result ... GRUB does not get installed at all

This is completely different from what I understood.

The statement "GRUB does not get installed at all" is refuted by /var/log/syslog which indicates clearly that GRUB was successfully installed on /dev/sdb:

Apr 28 23:55:51 grub-installer: info: Running chroot /target grub-install  --force "/dev/sdb"
Apr 28 23:56:01 grub-installer: Installation finished. No error reported.

Can you described what happened exactly ?
Were you prompted to "Install the GRUB boot loader to your primary drive?" ? If yes, did you answer "yes" or "no" ? Where you then prompted to select the "Device for boot loader installation" ? If yes, what option did you select exactly ?

setting up BIOS to boot from a drive that does not have a bios_grub flagged partition results in:

"GPT-formatted disk.

Legacy boot not supported. Press any key to reboot."

If this is a message from the BIOS, then it is flawed. A compliant BIOS should not care about the partition table, even less the presence of any kind of partition. All a BIOS should care about is the presence of the "boot signature" 0x55, 0xAA at the end of the boot sector.

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