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Re: Bug#1003484: bullseye-pu: package openssl/1.1.1m-0+deb11u1

On Fri, 2022-03-18 at 14:12 +0100, Sebastian Andrzej Siewior wrote:
> On 2022-03-18 09:21:50 [+0000], Adam D. Barratt wrote:
> > Apologies if the status here got confused - based on the above, I
> > was
> > assuming that in the absence of a negative response you would
> > proceed
> > with the 1.1.1n-0+deb11u1 plan. For complete clarity, please feel
> > free
> > to do so, bearing in mind that the window for the 11.3 point
> > release
> > closes over this weekend.
> No need to apologies. I did plan to do it on WED but got busy with
> other
> things, got sick on THU and couldn't anything so the plan is indeed
> today.

Boo. Hope you're doing better.

> I would also do the upload for Buster, would that work? I remember
> that
> the packages, that broken, were already uploaded a few cycles ago.

Also as 1.1.1n?

I assume there haven't been any regressions reported with l/m/n in the



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