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Bug#1004292: debian-installer:s390x: installer fails to format dasd disc on s390x systems

Hi Dipak,

Dipak Zope1 <Dipak.Zope1@ibm.com> (2022-03-12):
> I have completed the installer testing for dasd and zfcp and this is
> the only outstanding item for s390x installer. I would recommend it
> for backporting.

This is great news.

> The merge request: https://salsa.debian.org/installer-team/s390-dasd/-/merge_requests/1

Thanks, so basically, -f needs to go away.

It was apparently dropped between 1.36.1-1 and 1.37.1-1, even if that
wasn't documented:

     Release History:
    +    Changes of existing tools:
    +    - dbginfo.sh: Add Docker debug data
    +    Bug Fixes:
    +    - lsdasd: Replace continue with return
    +    - lscss: Allow to specify devices from subchannel set 3
    +    - mon_fsstatd: Only use physical filesystems
    +    - mon_fsstatd: Fix double free in error path
    +    - mon_procd: Fix segmentation fault
    +    Added new tools:
    +    - dump2tar: Add sysfs collection helper for dbginfo.sh
    +    Changes of existing tools:
    +    - build process: Add 'make help'
    +    - build process: Add 'make D=1' for debugging
    +    - build process: Add automatic dependency generation
    +    - build process: Do echo also when overriding commands
    +    - Added internal libraries:
    +      * util_rec: Print records in different output formats
    +      * util_libc: Handle standard errors for libc functions
    +      * util_file: Read and write files
    +      * util_scandir: Scan a directory for matching entries
    +      * util_path: Work with paths
    +      * util_opt: Parse the command line options
    +      * util_prg: Print standard program messages
    +      * util_panic: Collect FFDC data for unexpected errors
    +    - qethconf: Remove check for OSN-device
    +    - znetconf: Remove OSN-support
    +    - lsdasd/tunedasd: Add channel path aware erp
    +    - zcrypt: Add multi domain support for zcrypt device driver
    +    - scm: Reimplement lsscm in C
    +    - chp: Reimplement chchp and lschp in C
    +    - dbginfo.sh: Make use of sysinfo collection helper
    +    Bug Fixes:
    +    - zfcpdbf: Only cap SAN short payload if pl_len exists
    +    - chzdev: Fix bug when configuring QETH devices
    +    - libu2s: Prevent buffer overflow
    +    - ziomon: No blktrace kill which can corrupt kernel blktrace state

The diff regarding the manpage drops -f from the example, and also
removes the -f paragraph entirely, which documented it as deprecated, so
it looks pretty intentional anyway.

Looking at the s390-tools package (which provides s390-tools-udeb), and
its dasdfmt/dasdfmt.c, it seems that:
 - 1.36.1-1 (stretch) supported -f;
 - 2.3.0-2~deb10u1 (buster) doesn't;
 - 2.15.1-2 (bullseye) doesn't.

So it might make sense to backport the fix to both bullseye and buster?

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