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Bug#1006800: debian-installer: kernel mismatch for bookworm and sid installer. New release needed?

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On 05/03/2022 12:40, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
Roland Clobus <rclobus@rclobus.nl> (2022-03-05):
I have noticed that the officially released version debian-installer
[2][3] will not work for bookworm and sid, because the kernel version
in the debian- installer does not match the current kernel version.
You recently fixed this in git [4].

Could you release a new version of debian-installer for bookworm and

We could, and should, release a new d-i and possibly an Alpha 1 at some
point, but I don't have a specific timeline for that.

Understood. I assume that an Alpha 1 release will be made somewhere near the release date of bookworm.

Or do you recommend a different (release) strategy?

A new debian-installer upload (prelude to the aforementioned Alpha 1) is
only going to help until src:linux gets a new ABI bump, so that's only
going to be temporary anyway.

Indeed. A new debian-installer upload would need to happen in lock-step with every new ABI in src:linux, to guarantee a consistent state of d-i.
This could mean quite some work on your side.

I'm aware of the daily images [5], but they are currently not being
snapshotted, which makes it impossible to reproduce an image after the
older images have been removed from [5].

If you're using a specific build, you could mirror it on your side, and
then have a way to point at the mirrored copy so that you wouldn't
depend on d-i.d.o's contents (that's an approach seen in various
projects, e.g.  time-based snapshots and tagged snapshots in Tails, even
if that's for Debian as a whole, not d-i)?

I do not know how much work it is to release a new version of debian-installer. Currently the state of the official repository (deb.debian.org) is a non-working installer for bookworm and sid.

I'm looking at possible solutions here (that's why I've added the rb-general mailing list):
* (Manually) do official releases of debian-installer more often
(as I wrote, openQA will soon have some tests that detect when the kernel version got out-of-sync)
* Automatically release git snapshots to deb.d.o instead of d-i.d.o
* Extend snapshot.d.o and/or snapshot.notset.fr to cover d-i.d.o in addition to deb.d.o * No changes, and accept that older images cannot be recreated (this option is not preferred by me)
* Other ...

How long do you need to go back / how long do you need to keep a given
build? Maybe we could just keep (some) builds for a longer while there,
but that's at 90 days already.

Looking at https://d-i.debian.org/daily-images/amd64/, the current history I can see is about 15 days.

While investigating reproducible issues I personally tend to pick some timestamp and work on that for a longer period of time. 90 days would suffice completely for my purpose.

With kind regards,
Roland Clobus

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