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Re: Body sculpture stabilizator

czw., 30 gru 2021, 23:42 użytkownik Barbara Hawrot <bhawrot@gmail.com> napisał:
To whom it may concerne

I am child adolescent psychiatrist from Poland.
Disabled for 2 years.
The victim of cyber harassment and Havana Syndrom struggles.

Actually I would love to have no Mind Control panel.
But I know I would have to wait.
And there were many attempts to jump through the window me.
I am in so called DEATHRUN.

Know nothing more for sure.
Posessed but people. I look at shelves with alcohol and at women butts.

Sort of product placement and started useless law cases.
The Cult was such an idiot heresy that not to mention here.

But anuria 2x 24 hours, bradycardia many times, delirium BNO many times.
Something called in Polish powidoki, as I think epilepsy attacks from retina.
Simillar to flash backs in some psychoactive substances profile, but no change of negative positive photo type.
You see somethings few seconds longer. Can't drive.

Now I would describe myself as
Organic Delusional disorder simillar to catatonic schizophrenia
Trans & possesion
Delirium BNO in anamnesis
Multiple personality
 Derealisation depersonalisation
Attempts to make me anorectic
Attempts to make me alcohol dependent

Before it started
Panic attacks but only 4x lifetime
I had twice depression so not on Wellbutrin while started. 

Because of coincidence of cyber harassment on my devices, Predator SG and possibile Pegasus by NSO I started to behave in a very cautious way.
Hospitalized as delusional disorder, because nobody is following me.
Don't laugh yet.
Pegasus gate in Poland started a week ago.

IoT was the first. I think UK. Old friends joke coupe loop Letterman or SQL Apache developer still message I am delusional.
As if I didn't know Robert Bicknell used to work in a cassino.

I suppose but don't know for sure if he was responsible for Mind Control panel, might be Minecraft Xbox with Agnieszka Kolman and Joanna Emsley.

But body sculpture stabilizator?
Must be sport or TV.
Don't know. Might be Minecraft Xbox massive Cruise Katie Holmes hacked.


Do you have solutions for me?
Children commit suicides.

Now I have so many parasites alkoholics psychopaths
I stay dirty for many days.

Tortures. An attempt to kill me with my own pharyngitis.

How much money?
Why so expensive?

If you get my message in a bottle

Can you send it to the English Police?

Or to Pulse GB, they tried to do their best to make me safe.
Now, but how can I be ever sure about it, I got another proposal of job in Oxford.

Before I go, I would love to know somebody wants me to come.

And by the way.
Can you profile me?

Barbara Hawrot Lejda
Child adolescent psychiatrist
Aestetic Medicine doctor

NIP 6921387824
PESEL 73021410341

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