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Bug#694068: wireless fail after stretch^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hbuster^H^H^H^H^H^Hbullseye installation

Having just swatted away this bug while installing bullseye
on a laptop that has 1xUSB3, 2xUSB-C and no ethernet, I thought
I should share the workaround here. This is only necessary,
I'm led to believe, when installing by WiFi without the
installation of a Desktop.

Before tearing down the WiFi interface at the very end of
the installation, the d-i should simply copy the existing
/target/etc/network/interfaces file to /target/root/, perhaps
named as etc-network-interfaces-at-installation, with its
permissions set to 600.

When the machine is rebooted, it is now straightforward for
the sysadmin to login and simply:

  # mv /root/etc-network-interfaces-at-installation /etc/network/interfaces
  # ifup w<TAB><RETURN>

to give themselves WiFi connectivity (using sudo if necessary).

This workaround has the benefit of being fail-safe: the file has
no effect on the system if the sysadmin ignores it and leaves it
in /root, but if they do move it as above, then they've taken
responsibility for its effects on any software they install later.

Naturally, it would require a note in the Installation Guide for
this method to be useful if the sysadmin is not one to make use
of root's home directory.


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