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Bug#991533: lintian: please forget about required-field Standards-Version for udeb packages

Package: lintian
Version: 2.104.0
Severity: important
X-Debbugs-Cc: debian-boot@lists.debian.org


lintian in bullseye is emitting this, e.g. while building the hw-detect
source package:

    E: hw-detect source: required-field debian/control@source Standards-Version
    E: hw-detect source: required-field hw-detect_1.145.dsc Standards-Version

That's one example where all binaries are udebs so there's no need for
such a field.

It'd be best to avoid popping up errors for that; they're distracting
and serve no purposes. (Once that's fixed, and other possible issues are
ironed out, I wouldn't be against getting that into bullseye, so that
anyone preparing d-i packages from then-stable doesn't have to worry
about those.)

Thanks for considering!

Cyril Brulebois (kibi@debian.org)            <https://debamax.com/>
D-I release manager -- Release team member -- Freelance Consultant

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