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Bug#933523: Possible solution


On 7/21/21 12:33 PM, Sebastian Neuser wrote:
> I ran into what seems to be the same problem as well and I think I may
> have found a solution. Interestingly, the problem occurs only on one in
> six/seven (identical, at least in theory) devices.
> I stumbled upon https://salsa.debian.org/installer-team/grub-installer/-/commit/5eada0008eede06c97d55adca1a9eb1eb9447aee
> and noticed that the actual script which is called by debian-installer
> was not touched, so I came up with the following patch:

That's more like a workaround than a proper fix. The question is why doesn't the
postinst succeed in mounting efivarfs all the time.

Are you seeing any log messages indicating that mountvirtfs() failed during
the installation of the grub-installer udeb?


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