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d-i made change woudl like to save change


I have followed these steps to anonymously checkout  the installer located here   -
That worked as described....
Then I got to this section on this page:
"Then see the docs in d-i/installer/doc.
If you just want to build bootable images, see d-i/installer/build/README.
If you don't understand something, post to debian-boot@lists.debian.org."

I read the README's  and that would work as described...but I don't necessarily want to build a boot-able image... (I already build my derivative .iso with the live-build tools)

Basically I changed the Debian logo banner with my own.... and now I want rebuild  the udeb, so that I can use it in my iso build process.

I browsed around in the "d-i" folder  that was cloned and I don't see any docs that standout to me on how to rebuild just the installer udebs.(I could be overlooking it)

Could someone point me  in a direction to  read about repackaging udebs for the installer.

Thank so much for your time and help in advance

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