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Re: Bug#990531: unblock: grub2/2.04-19

Control: tags -1 confirmed d-i


On 01-07-2021 14:02, Colin Watson wrote:
> Please unblock grub2 2.04-19.  This fixes unbootability problems after
> certain kinds of grub-install failure, which I think constituted an
> important-severity bug at the very least.  I did this by resyncing the
> grub-install backup/restore patches with what actually landed upstream;
> we'd previously had early versions of these that hadn't been entirely
> bug-fixed.
> I know that there may be more RC things to be fixed in grub2, but we
> might as well get this in.

I had a look at this the other day and if my memory recalls correctly,
I'm fine with it. But as there's a block-udeb, we need an ACK from kibi
(in CC via boot).


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