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Bug#988797: RC1 installation report

Op 19-05-2021 om 20:06 schreef Cyril Brulebois:
Goedendag Paul,

and thanks for your report.

Paul van der Vlis <paul@vandervlis.nl> (2021-05-19):
I did install Debian on an Acer laptop. The installation went OK, but
I have some things to tell:

1. After the installation the 240GB SSD was after a short period full
with PCIe AER errors in the logs.  I think it's good to tell about
errors in the logs, but doing that thousands of times is not OK.
After using "PCI=NOAER" the laptop works fine.

Looks like something that might be worth reporting against src:linux?

Yes, but this machine is back to my customer and I don't have the logs.
I cannot do experiments on it.

Correction, I did use: "pci=noaer", no capitals.

I guess this will become a problem on some machines.

2. After the installation the sources.list had a "deb cdrom" line.
Important to tell that I've used the official DVD ISO image. This
problem was there too in Debian 10. I will add the sources.list.  I
think most people who use a DVD-iso will use internet to install more
packages, and will remove the DVD or stick. I sell Debian DVD's.

I think deactivating cdrom entries was implemented several release
cycles ago. That should be the case for both buster and bullseye at the
minimum (if memory serves).

Please share your /var/log/installer/syslog (compressed, due to bugs.d.o
and/or lists.d.o size limits) so that we can check what happens there?

Attached the installer-syslog (attached) of another machine. This is *always* the case with the DVD-version of the installer (not with the netinstaller!).

I am a "Debian pre install vendor" and I also sell USB-sticks with Debian, so I have seen this really often.

With regards,

Paul van der Vlis Linux systeembeheer Groningen

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