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Re: Bug#988740: unblock: glibc/2.31-12


Aurelien Jarno <aurel32@debian.org> (2021-05-18):
> [ Risks ]
> The fixes related to the testsuite involves many changes to our build
> system, by letting the upstream makefiles to install the ld.so symlink
> instead of doing it in the Debian makefiles, in an architecture specific
> way for bi/tri-arch packages. While the changes might look risky at a
> first glance, they do not change the code in the binaries, but only the
> ld.so symlinks and the libc.so linker scripts. Those have been verified
> manually on the packages built by glibc and cross-toolchain-base.
> [ Checklist ]
>   [x] all changes are documented in the d/changelog
>   [x] I reviewed all changes and I approve them
>   [x] attach debdiff against the package in testing

No objection, thanks.

Just to be on the safe side, I've built a netboot-gtk image against
unstable's udebs and run a few installation and rescue tests, using
various languages and I haven't noticed anything worrisome.

And since I was wondering what the change was for the German debconf
template, running `d` told me the package has migrated already, and
it was indeed already unblock(-udeb)'ed…

Having udeb-producing packages change under our feet when we're in
the middle of unentangling the rendering mess isn't exactly nice…

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