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Bug#882804: cdebconf-gtk-udeb: Missing rescue mode label at start-up

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (2017-11-26):
> The banner in the graphical installer doesn't get the “Rescue mode”
> label at start-up. It seems the information message hasn't been received
> yet when the first call to handle_exposed_banner (cdebconf gtk frontend)
> happens, so one has to select a language or switch to another vt back
> and forth to get the message displayed. That doesn't happen with the
> text rescue mode, so it's likely a cdebconf gtk frontend bug, filing
> accordingly.
> This is seen in sid but also with 9.2 installation images.

With a regular mini.iso (cdebconf-gtk-udeb built against GTK+2), on the
start-up screen, the label is missing; switching to a VT and back gets
us the needed refresh and label; without the VT switch, proceeding to
the next screen is sufficient to get it as well.

With a patched mini.iso (cdebconf-gtk-udeb built against GTK+3), the
label is missing as well; the VT switch dance gets it back; but NOT
going to the next screen.

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