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Re: Netinstall over HTTPS with Custom Image

Nick Pleatsikas <nick.pleatsikas@bytedance.com> writes:

> Essentially, this is where I’m sort of stuck. I think I’m on the right
> track here, but if I’m going wildly in the wrong direction here I’m all
> ears for a better solution. If there’s anything you want me to clarify or
> try out, let me know and I’ll get back to you.

It sounds as though you're happy that the version of d-i that's getting
onto the target machine is trusted, and you're happy for that image to
be rather larger than d-i usually is.

That being the case, why not just boot a real Linux live system as your
boot system, and have that do whatever you need?

I'd be tempted to make the image that you are wanting to install also be
capable of installing itself (conditional on the presence or absence of
some kernel parameter, or detecting how it booted and deciding based on
that, say).

If that's not practical for some reason, then getting something like
grml as a starting point seems likely to be much less frustrating than
trying to work around the limitations of d-i.

Cheers, Phil.
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