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Extracting documentation from Debian installer

Debian's goal might be described as providing "the most power to a maximally diverse audience". My underlying problem is that it does that *TOO* well.

I need two types of information that I doubt are documented anywhere except in the source code.

I.  Text of error/cautionary messages.
    Specifically, what is the _exact_ text of the message given when the
    operator chooses to install neither Grub nor LILO.
II. Content of menus presented to the operator.
    Early in the installation a list of optional auxiliary programs is
    presented. I don't recognize any of the names, but if I looked them
    up I might find something very useful.

"If you like more flexibility or just want to know what's going on ..."
     Section 4.3.3  of "Debian GNU/Linux Installation Guide"


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